Adult ministries

Arms of Hope

Arms of Hope is a Christian care organization that assists children and single-mother families in need. Residents at Medina Children's Home (20 miles from our KCC building) are a part of our community. Through its Residential Child Care, Together, College and Career, Right Start, and Outreach Ministry programs, Arms of Hope is committed to providing a safe haven and Christian environment for children and single-mother families by helping them avoid homelessness, poverty, abuse and neglect and by leading them to lives of sustaining and productive citizenship. The residents attend public school, nearby universities or trade schools and participate in school, campus and KCC church activities. AOH is a focal point of our ministry at Kerrville Church of Christ.

Troy Robertson
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Devoted to showing God's love and building relationships with Arms of Hope.

EMBRACE Ministry Provides:

  • Mentoring  –  group settings and one-on-one.
  • Fellowship and Fun  –  getting to know each other through enjoyable activities.
  • Assimilation  –  A “welcome” gift and assistance to new moms along with ideas and guidance for moms who want to get involved at KCC.

EMBRACE between the volunteers and moms.

  • Welcome  –  Busy Moms Bibles and KCC information sheets are provided to all new Arms of Hope Medina Campus single moms.
  • Breaking Free Bible Study  –  We meet at the AOH/MCH chapel on Mondays at 9:30 AM to view and discuss Beth Moore's "Breaking Free" videos with new Arms of Hope Medina Campus single moms. We are witnessing great spiritual growth through this ministry!
  • Prayer Warrior Partners  –  One-on-one connections with Arms of Hope single moms for the sole purpose of PRAYER!

For those looking for a way to show God’s love to others and make a difference in the lives of those choosing to help themselves, the EMBRACE Ministry provides the perfect opportunity!

Shelley Dixon
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Divinity Family Services

Christian based foster care organization which provides hope, care and safety for children in a loving home environment fostering a positive future and an opportunity to prosper in a healthy family.

Randy Rose
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Parenting Resource Center

Diaper & Basic Needs Drive donation effort to provide essential baby needs. Other involvement is available and needed after participating in training classes.

Caroline Kensing
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Child Protective Services RAINBOW ROOM

Through the Rainbow Room, KCC serves the local Child Protective Services office by providing all the necessary clothing, toiletry and infant items for children placed in emergency care.

Pam Horn
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Christian Assistance Ministry

By contributing food and personal toiletries, our mission is to share the love of Christ by providing immediate assistance and encouragement to people in crisis.

Jack Pratt
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Bible Studies

Men's Bible Study:

Tuesday Morning - Craig Sebek -

Ladies' Bible Classes:

Monday Night - Lynne Laurence -

Tuesday Morning - Karen Lowrance -

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Service Ministries

Kitchen Ministry

Charlotte Barnett

Funeral Meals

Peggy Wireman

Pew Pockets - Setting up resources in the pews, including visitor’s cards, pens, and cleaning out trash left behind.

Debbie West

1st Connect: Parking Lot

Raymond Schultz

Welcome Center

Carolyn Worley

Communion Preparation

Jerry Oliver

Praise Packs

Lacey Oliver & Carolyn Worley

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