Capturing the energy and imagination of the next generation is the passion of the KCC Youth Ministry. In order to help our students find and follow God, we provide a variety of settings where students connect and grow with God and others.

Want to stay informed about the Youth Group?

Contact the church office and we will add you to our youth group email. Contact Cindy Schroeder at or 830-257-1900 or contact Ricky Pruitt

Wednesday Nights:

Spring of 2022 will be a fun semester as we explore Habits, Relationships, and more this semester! I hope you join us from 6:30pm-7:30pm at KCC. Some nights will be designated worship nights, or game nights, or small group nights! Check out the calendar for specifics!

KCC MEALS begin on February 2nd at from 5:45pm-6:30pm. Make sure you register before the meal with your family and friends!

Sunday Morning Donut Duty - It's Easy!

FALL SIGN UP LIST: Sign up for Donut Duty on Sunday mornings.  It's a small thing if we all pitch in and take a turn.
KCC Youth Group families are asked to bring some donuts for the kids to enjoy at the beginning of class.  On the Sundays you volunteer to bring donuts, please arrive at 8:55am.

Sunday Mornings:

Join us on Sunday mornings from 9am till 9:50am to dive into God's Word together as we explore living the life we were designed for: Life to the Fullest.

From 9:00 to 9:05 we have some time to connect while we grab a donut and catch up with our friends.

Our new semester begins on Jan 9th.


Our Youth Group will head to Houston for an incredible experience together! We'll join 1,000 teens in worship, learning, and fun as we explore the blessing and challenge of following Jesus.
Click HERE for details on the February 25-27 Youth Conference!


Soul Link Youth Conference: February 25-27 in Houston Texas.
Mission Trip: June 4-10

Camp Eagle: July 11-16


CLICK HERE to download the "HELP FOR THE HUSTLE" Journal

Click on the image to download the January PDF



Click here to download the "Deep Gratitude" Journal








2021 Camp Eagle: July 5-10

So much to say about how great our kids did at camp and the many experiences we had worshiping together, hearing great lessons, participating in bible studies, hiking in the rain, baking in the sun, zip lining in the rain, blobbing, swimming in the rain, getting sunburn, getting to know one another, celebrating birthdays, feeding chiggers, seeing old friends and making new ones, sweating together, gazing at the stars, shooting each other with arrows, jumping off and climbing up cliffs... it's all included in a week at camp.
We're currently looking for a way to post our pics so every camper can access them.

KCC Teens and Adults at Camp Eagle 2021

2021 Rio Grande Valley service trip: June 1-5

We had a great trip. We did Good. Together. Check out our Video: CLICK HERE!

July Fiesta TEXAS (July 15)

We had a great time together!

Ricky Pruitt

Youth & Family Minister