Capturing the energy and imagination of the next generation is the passion of the KCC Youth Ministry. In order to help our students find and follow God, we provide a variety of settings where students connect and grow with God and others.

Sunday Mornings:

Donuts and juice greet our 7th – 12th grade teens at 8:50 AM as they arrive in the youth group room. From 9:00-9:50 AM we explore various Bible topics and discuss the challenges and blessings of living out those truths in everyday life.  Each fall and each spring, our HS teens dedicate 6 weeks to serving in the church from 9am-9:45am... because we believe that teens are gifted by the Holy Spirit to contribute to our church by teaching, serving, leading with their talents.  These seasons of service is called "MySERVE".  This spring, we will be looking at "Prayer"... What is prayer?  Why should we pray?  Why does God not answer some prayers?  How does prayer "work"?  I hope our KCC teens come ready to explore this wonderful gift God has given us.

Wednesday Nights:

Our Middle and Senior High groups start the night together with worship and games before separating into age-specific discipleship groups (D-Groups) from 6:30-7:30 PM. Each session is filled with passionate worship, engaging small group discussions led by capable adult leaders, and a relevant message.

Three Foundations of our Youth Ministry are:

1. Empowering Parents.

God designed the parent’s role as the primary means of passing on a life of faith to children and teens. Bible classes, community groups, events and relationships help equip parents for this daily challenge.

2. Equipping Adults for Ministry to Teens.

We believe that every KCC member is gifted by God to serve others.  We equip and invite members that have a passion and are gifted in guiding and teaching teens to join a team that is helping our youth group live a life of faith in Jesus.

3. Challenging Teens to a Life of Faith.

When they see the work of God in the genuine faith and actions of their parents and spiritual mentors teens take hold of faith. We help them grow through discussions, classes, games, camps, mission trips, service projects, ministry opportunities and personal daily devotionals.

DONUT SIGN UP (Sunday Mornings)

Money cannot buy happiness... but it can buy donuts.  For our youth group, that's as close to happiness has they'll get at 9am on some Sunday mornings.

Sign Up to bring donuts for our teens donuts for our Sunday morning class time.
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Ricky Pruitt

Youth & Family Minister