Capturing the energy and imagination of the next generation is the passion of the KCC Youth Ministry. In order to help our students find and follow God, we provide a variety of settings where students connect and grow with God and others.

Sunday Mornings:

During the Covid-19 personal distancing... we are worshiping as a church "online" at 10am.
We are gathering on Sunday nights with "virtual" options. If you'd like to be included, please email Ricky.

Wednesday Nights:

We are looking at some Zoom options for our Wednesday evenings! Email Ricky for details.


The PDF of the Journal

Start your day off in God's word... take a look at it again at night...

How To use:

Print out journal.

Grab your paper Bible

Grab a pen or pencil

Put your phone on a 10 minute timer

Pray that God will open your heart

Begin Reading the passage

Reread the passage a second time AND underline, highlight, circle words and phrases that stand out to you.
Answer the question OR DRAW, OR DOODLE the words that impacted your heart.
Sit in silence.


Then ... Go live life and do what God's Spirit and the Bible have shown you in that day's reading. OR... seek answers to questions you may have because of the reading that day!

Psalm 23 Video Series for the KCYG:


Camp Victory is hosted at the Camp Eagle Camp grounds, Rocksprings, Tx.

Due to Covid-19, Camp Eagle has closed it's sessions this summer. Our teens will greatly miss the boost and encouragement that the ministry of Camp Eagle provides for them.
Currently, we are trying to connect with the other youth groups from camp this fall for a retreat at Camp Eagle.

Senior Sunday: May 17th, 2020
Rio Grande Valley Mission Trip:  Departure of Saturday afternoon May 30 & Return Friday June 5

Vacation Bible School: June 28-30.

Additional Trips: Float Trip, Service projects, Six Flags, and more TBA

Ricky Pruitt

Youth & Family Minister